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Why do people choose Rosetta Stone

Much have I heard about different software that claims to be simple, dedicate themselves to be direct and essential, cleaning up the fundamental concepts. Few achieve it, even fewer really base any courses on it, making Spanish learning a dull and dreary task that sound like a nightmare willing to happen. It brings the learner to the point of hating the language, or even worse, fearing it, which means, the learner, if goes back to learning the language, has an existing bias which prevents her to study the language with ease any further.

So what is different with Rosetta Stone?

Nothing much, just that, this program strive to make the language so simple that it becomes a pleasure to study it. This forte is extremely difficult to achieve but once done makes language learning so simple and easy that you have to learn it. It makes the learner want to learn the language, compelling him towards it. It teaches Spanish using word association and with images. It catches us at the base level and grows with it. Spanish learning was never this easy because now it is taught not as a translation from one language to another, but as a textbook teaching you a tongue which you must learn from scratch. And it makes that learning so simple and fun that you yearn to learn that language.

Rosetta Stone begins where other language teaching software do not venture. It begins at the fundamentals. For example, it shows the image of the dog and associates the word “perro” with it. So the next time you think of a dog, a vision of a “perro” flashes through your mind simultaneously.

It has a fantastic voice recognition system. It teaches one to be perfect in diction and tone, so a voice recognition system is added that ‘listens’ to the words spoken by the learner and looks for the word, its tone and pronunciation. It has the feature of receiving immediate feedback from the server, and what is extremely encouraging is seeing the learner check himself after pronouncing something wrongly because of the mistakes he has made and corrected.

Rosetta Stone boasts of tracking your progress to the minute details. It can identify which part of your speech needs work, where you are lagging in your grammar and what must be worked upon. It also provides grammar lessons as a natural progression to word association, and somehow a very intuitive initiation into grammar is provided. In that, this software is extremely competent in making the words simple.

Like every product, Rosetta Stone has its drawback as well. For one, it is expensive. Level One cost as much as higher levels. The lessons do not offer much insight into the culture of a society or any comprehensive social idea. It is not available on mp3 format. But other than that this program is probably one of the simplest way of learning any language and the end users seem very satisfied with the result, their reaction being majorly the same: that of complete satisfaction with the product.




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