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The Best Ways To Learn Another Language Fluintly...

August 20, 2008
Author: Professor Scott

Dear Friend,

It can be extremely difficult to teach an adult a new language and even harder for an adult to learn one. I have been teaching Spanish for almost 13 years now and have been struggling to teach people how to remember what I have taught them after they leave my class room. The hard part is not getting them to speak it or even to past the exams. The hardest part is remembering what they have learned.

The best way for an adult to learn a new language is by going back to the beginning. All the way back. You most learn as if you were an infant you have to be taught as a baby. In speaking a new language you are in a sense a baby trying to learn how to talk. Learning a language this way neurologically imprints what you are learning into your brain, the brain needs to think of it as second nature just as if it were your first language.

It's not necessarily that children learn better then adults it is the tools that are used to teach them. I have recently teamed up with Consumer-Reporter to find the perfect balance of teaching and learning spanish.

The Best Ways To Learn A New language

We found the three most effective ways of learning a new language are; visual aid, using objects and pictures to help you remember. Verbal, listening to how words and sentences are pronounced and also speaking words and sentences repeatedly is very important. The 3rd is through reading and writing, reading and writing helps you subconsciously remember words.

Below are the 2 of our top picks. Our number one pick is the only guide we found that posseses the 3 very important guide lines we set.



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Rocket Spanish

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Rocket Spanish is the best value we found anywhere. You get over 28 hours of audio lessons to experience speaking and understanding pronunciation. You get interactive computer software with games and other exercises with over 2000 words and more then 20 topics. You also get 300 pages with over 600 exercises to help you with grammar alone.

Bottom Line:

Rocket Spanish is so confident that they actually offer a 60 day money back guarantee. If for some reason you are not happy with rocket Spanish you can get all of your money back with no questions asked.

2nd Choice

3rd Choice '08

learn any language

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How To Learn Any Language

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How To Learn Any Language will teach you just that. This is a system to make learning any language simple and fun. You will learn different techniques to absorb more information and learn all languages faster. This guide has great tips to help you learn any language you want.

Bottom line:

For the price of what you are going to learn with this it is a good deal. It's in our top 3 because of the brilliants behind there theories of teaching. This guide will not teach you any single language but show you the ways to learn as many languages as you want

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